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Why should I have cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake?
Having cupcakes for your wedding is a trendy and more affordable alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Cake and frosting flavors can be customized while keeping costs low. You also won't have to worry about having people cut and plate slices from a large cake. Although we don't do traditional wedding cakes, we can provide a small ceremonial cake so you won't have to miss out on the traditional cake cutting ceremony. You can have the best of everything with cupcakes!.

What do I need to do to book my wedding with The Cupcake Next Door?
A non-refundable deposit of $100 will secure your booking and give you the most flexibility. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or cash. We do not accept personal checks.

How far in advance do you need to know flavor choices and numbers?
Once your deposit is paid, your wedding is considered "booked" and is on our calendar. We don't need your final payment, final numbers and flavors until three weeks prior to your date.

What are your wedding cupcake prices and flavors?

  • Pricing and flavors is the same for weddings -- $25 per dozen.

  • Filled cupcakes are an extra $5 per dozen cupcakes. 

You may choose multiple flavors for your cupcakes at no extra charge; however, we caution wedding parties to choose fewer than 5 flavors. When presented with too many choices, guests often choose to sample more than one flavor, raising your overall quantity. 90% of weddings usually choose two to four flavors.

Our standard cupcake toppings are included in the price above. Cupcake toppers may be provided by the bride and we will place on the cupcakes for no additional charge. The bride may also provide specialty cupcake liners or wrappers to match the wedding at their own expense.

Cupcake liners are different from cupcake wrappers. Cupcake wrappers are an additional decoration that is wrapped around the cupcake liner after it is baked. At right is an example of a cupcake with a silver foil liner and black filigree wrapper. These can be purchased from local stores, online, or you can make your own to match your decor.

What if I am on a really tight budget?
Talk to us about what options there are for your budget.

How many cupcakes should I order?
The general rule is 1-1/2 cupcakes per person. Other dessert items (brownies, cookies, etc.) you can figure 3-5 pieces per person.

Do you do cakes?
Traditional wedding

Do you do tastings?
We do provide tastings and do them a bit different than the norm. We realize everyone is busy and it is sometimes hard to find a time to do a sit down tasting that coordinates with everyone's schedule. For $30 we will provide a dozen cupcakes, up to three flavors, that you can pick up when it fits with your schedule. You can then have as many family and friends participate in the 'tasting' as you like. Should you book with us, the $30 tasting fee will be deducted from your total.  E-mail us to schedule a date/time to pick up your tasting cupcakes.

Will you deliver and set up?
We have found that most weddings already have a table or area planned for the desserts by the caterer and have a specific way to display the cupcakes. This is something that can certainly be discussed; there will be a fee involved. If we do set up for you, you will be responsible for packaging any leftover cupcakes. We do have packaging we can provide you at our cost. There are several places locally that bakery boxes or plastic clamshells can be purchased. We have purchased from ABC Cake Decorating Supplies, 2853 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix and Standard Restaurant Supply, 1305 W. Main Street in Mesa.

How does payment work?
Your non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at the time of your initial booking. This holds your date so we won't schedule anything else for that week.  Final payment in full, final flavors and final numbers are due three weeks prior to your wedding date. Cupcakes added after this time will be billed separately and payment for those will be due at pick-up/. If final payment in full is not received three weeks prior to your date, we will not fulfil your order unless prior arrangements have been made with us. We gladly accept payments any time between your initial booking date and three weeks prior to your event at which time total payment must be complete.

My wedding is 2+ hours away. Will the cupcakes travel well?
If kept in a well air-conditioned vehicle, away from direct sunlight, you should have no problems traveling to your event. Cupcake boxes should be stacked no more than two boxes high and kept flat. Generally this means in the back of an SUV or van with the seats folded down or removed. Your wedding cupcakes should not travel in the bed of a pickup or in a vehicle without air-conditioning, especially here in Arizona. Even the smallest incline, like sitting on the back seat, can cause the cupcakes to tip. Care must be taken when transporting as sharp turns and bumps (even the smallest bump) can dislodge cupcakes from their holders and cause them to tip.  We recommend you pick your cupcakes up the night before, rather than the morning of the wedding, in case there are any issues along the way.

If we pick up our cupcakes, what do we need to know?
Your cupcakes will be boxed one dozen per box. If you order 200 cupcakes, that could mean up to 17 cupcake boxes at one dozen per box. Be sure you have vehicle space for them, stacked no more than two boxes high. Again, this generally means in the back of an SUV or van with the seats folded down or removed. See above question for complete transportation information. Cupcakes should be kept in a cool room until ready to set on the display table.


Do you have cupcake stands we can rent?
We do have several stands and a few towers for rent. Contact us.

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If you still have questions, contact us any time!